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My Top 5 Influential Games

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rijit said...
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Well this was one tough post to write. I have been gaming for 30+ years and thinking back on all the great games I have played and that have influenced my like and dislikes in the gaming world was hard. But! I have finally done it and let me tell you, it was tough.

5. Halo - This was and is my ultimate FPS game. Halo had the combination of graphics, game play, and story line to draw me in to many hours of play. Before Halo I didn't care for FPS games.

4. Street Fighter 2 - This is the greatest side action arcade fighter of all time. I spent many an hour and quarter detroying competitors in arcades all over. Nothing more satisfying than a perfect win...

3. Super Mario - The entire franchise. This franchise sold consoles, without it I am not sure I would have moved from the Nintendo to the Super Nintendo when I did. Sonic the Hedgehog also deserves a mention here. These were the greatest platform games of their time and they sold consoles.

2. Pacman - This arcade machine ate more money than any other I ever played I think. Other games deserving mention here are Donky Kong, Centipede, Robotron, Defender, Tron, and many others I am sure I am forgetting. These arcade games pulled an entire generation of teenagers into dark rooms to spend money a quarter at a time to play video games for hours on end.

1. Pinball - I know it is not technically a video game, though it does have video games elements in it. However, pinball machines are my first gaming love. If not for these machines I, and many thousands of peopel, would not have started down the gaming path I am sure. There is nothing like playing a pinball machine for hours on a single ball and getting the high score.

So, there you have it. I enjoyed the stroll down memory lane to write this post but now it is time to go. I have gaming to get to. So leave already. Still here? Leave a post, let me know what I missed, it was one of the hardest things to narrow it down to 5.
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